We provide bookkeeping services on a monthly or quarterly basis customized to your preferences and business needs. We utilize the most efficient methods possible to keep your books such as QuickBooks software, online banking and sharing folders.

Our clients utilize QuickBooks in various ways. For example, some do not make any inputs to QuickBooks at all, in which case we keep the books on our QuickBooks software and then export the financial reports to a spreadsheet for their review. Other clients will invoice and do their own online banking and then have us review their work monthly or quarterly and make adjustments they aren’t comfortable making themselves. Finally, some clients prefer us to help them with accounts payable and weekly cash flow projections so we perform the bookkeeping at their place of business on a weekly basis.

Each business owner is unique and we try to accommodate them as best we can so they have the time and information they need to run their business effectively.

Financial Reports

As part of the bookkeeping service you will receive financial reports on either a monthly or quarterly basis. These reports include income statements, balance sheet, cash flow statements and any other types of reports you might want to see.