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Helping Small Businesses Succeed

Tax & Payroll

With tax laws constantly changing it's important to have a tax professional on your team that you can trust to ensure you pay your fair share of tax and nothing more.


We process your payroll checks, federal and state payroll deposits and prepare your monthly, quarterly and annual payroll tax forms.

Financial Reports

As part of the bookkeeping service you will receive financial reports on either a monthly or quarterly basis.

We can help

As a small business owner you have more important things to do than perform your bookkeeping, such as generating customers or clients, producing or providing products or services, and servicing customers or clients.

Cost Effective Solutions

McDowell Bookkeeping specializes in cost effective bookkeeping solutions and tax preparation for small businesses. We provide services that are flexible and specific to your business needs, so that you have the information and time to grow your business.

Client testimonials

Jeremy has been a great asset to my business in allowing me to focus on my clients and increase sales.

Tyson Harper